100 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 1: 27-Sep-2017  100 Day Blogging Challenge – Launch

Day 2  Tez – The India Specific Payments app from Google

Day 3  Is Amazon Prime Membership Worth it?

Day 4  Store Unlimited Photos and Videos online with Google Photos for free

Day 5  How to get free google play store credits using Google Rewards App?

Day 6  Get a free credit line approved and use it as a Credit card/loan without extra charges

Day 7  Get a High-performance full SSD Free VPS Server from Digital Ocean

Day 8  The Art of Swimming

Day 9  Stay Fit with Google Fit

Day 10  Collect Online Payments via Whatsapp and Facebook 

Day 11  Sell products locally on Amazon without Tax registration

Day 12  Free Online Course on E-Commerce

Day 13  What is e-commerce and types of e-commerce?

Day 14  Business and Tax registrations required for an e-commerce business in India

Day 15  How to Register your website domain name?

Day 16 What is Domain Name, Hosting and DNS?

Day 17 How to Sign up for a Payment Gateway in India?

Day 18 How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins in India?

Day 19 The Power of Projects and Gamification

Day 20 RaghuSpeaks.com Store Launch

Day 21 Why did I dump windows for Ubuntu? (Part 1)

Day 22 Managing your website DNS with CloudFlare

Day 23 Create free Professional Business email with custom domain using Zoho mail

Day 24 Keep Track of Everything with Google Keep

Day 25 How to Register Web Hosting for your Website?

Day 26 100 Day Lifestyle Challenge

Day 27 Must Read Books for everyone

Day 28 Free Payment Gateway Consultation

Day 29 Professional Websites for low cost from Paravali Technologies

Day 30 Create Professional Image Posters with canva.com

Day 31 Why did I dump Windows for Ubuntu? (Part 2)

Day 32 5 lesser known Android Apps from Google

Day 33  A Game of Chess to Keep your brain fresh

Day 34  Write better articles with Grammarly

Day 35  India and The Ease of Doing Business Index

Day 36  South Indian Style Prawn Curry using Dry Prawns (My First try) | RaghuSpeaks.com  (Food Video)

Day 37  Increase Focus in Work with White Noise

Day 38  Chicken Maggi Noodles with South Indian Style Masala (Food Video)

Day 39  South Indian style Lentil rice by Mom – RaghuSpeaks.com (Food Video)

Day 40  Onion Bajji (Indian Snack) cooking by Mom | RaghuSpeaks.com (Food Video)

Day 41  Homemade Herbal hair oil with Mehndi (Marudhani in Tamil) and Curry leaves extract (Video)

Day 42  A Bike trip to Sathyamangalam along the scenic route (Travel Video)

Day 43  I Support Demonetization and You should too! (Video)

Day 44  Bike Trip to Scenic Hogenakkal Waterfalls (Travel Video)

Day 45  Install OpenCart CMS on your website (e-commerce free lesson)

Day 46  Preparing Indian Masala Chai (Masala Tea) | RaghuSpeaks.com (Food Video)

Day 47  Indian Chicken gravy with Egg essence | RaghuSpeaks.com (Food Video)

Day 48  Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between Indian, Japan, Australia and the United States of America?  (Video)

Day 49  Get Free International Phone Number (+1) using Text Now

Day 50  Thoughts and feedback about 100 Day blogging challenge at Day 50 | RaghuSpeaks.com

Day 51  Integrating Payment Gateway with Opencart site

Day 52  Overview of Different Opencart Modules

Day 53  Vendakkai Puli Kulambu (Ladysfinger Tamrind Sour Sambar) (Food Video)

Day 54  How to make Paniyaram or Paddu or Indian Rice Balls? (Food Video)

Day 55  How to Make Vendakkai Poriyal (Ladysfinger)? (Food Video)

Day 56  Drumstick leaves Rice | Murungai Keerai Saadham (Food Video)

Day 57  Kollu Parupu Thuvayal – Horsegram Chutney (Food video)

Day 58  Dhal Rice (Food Video)

Day 59  How to Start your own e-commerce website? (Video)

Day 60  5 Records made during the 2nd Cricket Test Match, Srilanka Tour of India, 2017 (Video)

Day 61  6 Android games which are good for your brain (Video)

Day 62  Tamil Traditional Chicken curry with homemade masala (Naatu koli varuval & kulambu) (Food Video)

Day 63  Prepare and Eat this tasty Curry leaves powder for Healthy, Long and Shiny Hair (Video)

Day 64

Day 65

Day 66  Contribute to the Indian Armed forces Flag Day Fund online

Day 67

Day 68

Day 69  WordPress files and folder permissions on a server

Day 70  Is Elon Musk really going to launch his Tesla Roadster into Mars Orbit?

Day 71  How to make Valakkai Bajji / Banana Bajji at home? (Food Video)

Day 72  What is International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and how does it work? (Video)

Day 73  India became a member of Wassenaar Arrangement and why is it important? (Video)