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Course Contents

Course Resources

Free online course on e-commerce – Launch

Lesson 1 – What is e-commerce and it’s types?

Lesson 2 – Business and Tax registrations required for an e-commerce business in India

Lesson 3:

What is Domain Name, Hosting, and DNS?

How to Register your website domain name?

Lesson 4 – How to sign up for a Payment Gateway in India?

Lesson 5 – Managing your website DNS with CloudFlare

Lesson 6 – Create free Professional Business email with custom domain using Zoho mail

Lesson 7 – How to Register Web Hosting for your Website?

Lesson 8 – Install OpenCart CMS on your website

Lesson 9 – Integrating Payment Gateway with Opencart site

Lesson 10 – Overview of Different Opencart Modules

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