Write better articles with Grammarly

Do you write regular blog posts, social media articles and feel they are not as professional as you wanted them to be? Are you making a lot of grammar and typing mistakes and wish someone corrects properly?

We all face this kind of issues no matter who we are and has to spend a lot of time to proofread them and correct them or else we risk the chance of looking unprofessional.


Now you can relax by installing a free Google chrome plugin from Grammarly and sign in with your Grammarly account and whenever you type any English posts, it will scan the article for any grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes etc and underlines them with a Redline and when you hower the mouse over the red line, it will show the correct suggestions and upon clicking the suggestion, it will automatically correct the mistakes.

If you would like more features such as high-end vocabulary and alternative sophisticated sentence suggestions, they do have a paid plan for it.

I have been using the free version of Grammarly for the past 2 weeks and you can see the quality improvement of my recent articles and I highly recommend it to everyone.

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