The Art of Swimming

In this article, I would like to discuss the importance of the Art of Swimming. According to me, it’s not just a sport it’s a divine Art, a therapy, and the obvious, a life saver.

The Divine Art

There are 5 fundamental elements of Nature Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space (as in sky) and normal humans (who doesn’t swim) can manage to live only in the Air medium. The human body is designed in such a way. But it has been told that Yogis can navigate in all the mediums. So, I personally feel, Swimming elevates you from a Normal human and puts you in the first step to become a Yogi and that’s why I call it the Divine Art.

Swimming is Meditation

Swimming is like Meditation to me, it calms me down, cools me down and soothes me. Unlike everyone else, who consider it as a sport and a very good exercise, it helps you focus and clear your mind. Instead of swimming continuously and exhausting yourself, I prefer just to float and drift away in the cold natural pond/well water. Who wouldn’t want to jump into a nice cold water after sweating in the hot day sun?

Way of Life

In ancient days, swimming used to be the way of life, everyone knows swimming. They just go dive in the pond / well, take a bath every day. Both Men and women knew swimming, there has been this story in my family about how my grandma, jumped into the well and saved cows which accidentally fell into the irrigation well and can’t swim because their legs were tied. These days, it’s just a sport which you enroll for a course. I’m not a swimmer per se as in sportsperson but I know damn well to keep me alive in the water. In my family, all of us knows swimming including my parents and sister.


Our Family well where I swim, filled with water.

well with less water

When the water is less…. Well it’s 50 ft deep

When is the right time to learn swimming?

It’s never too late to learn swimming but it’s easier to learn swimming when you are young because you can easily overcome the fear factor. I’ve seen few of my friends, who haven’t learned swimming when they are young but they learned during college days but are still scared to get into the water. It is advisable to learn swimming no matter what is your age but if you have a kid (doesn’t matter boy or girl) teach them right away. Take them to the pool better yet if it is a well/pond. Back then we used a dried bottle guard as a float to keep ourselves afloat while learning but these days you can order swimming supplies on Amazon.

Feel free to share your swimming experiences in the comments.

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