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Google recently released a Mobile payments app called Tez in India and the important thing to note is, it’s based on the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). You might have already noticed several UPI based apps from banks and the more popular BHIM app (Bharat Interface for Money) and the most popular UPI based private app is the Flipkart’s Phone pe which operates as both UPI based money transfer app and digital wallet and also it has additional recharge and bill pay options.

So What’s special about Tez when we have a lot of other similar apps?

First, It’s from Google, obviously, it’s bound to be good, jokes aside, it’s a relatively simple, lightweight app and it is clutter free as is not the case with Phone pe. The unique factor with Google Tez is the cash mode, which enables you to transfer cash to someone near to you without sharing your Account Number and Mobile Number. It uses a proprietary Audio wave technology to connect with nearby Tez devices just like you use Share It (a popular file-sharing app) but without the need to use Wifi or create hotspots. It’s awesome, you should try it. I personally feel this Cash mode feature will be the USP of this product. You need not share our personal details nor scan a QR code but however, if you wish to use QR codes, it has those functions as well.

Also, they are providing referral bonus to users to refer the app to their friends, once they make their first transaction of value more than 50 both referrer and the referred will get ₹51 as cashback and also they are offering special bonus digitally scratch-able prize vouchers which give you any amount from ₹0 to ₹1,00,000 per transaction up to a maximum of 7 transactions per week. Unlike Phone pe which adds the cashback to its wallet, Tez directly credits the amount to your bank account.

Apparently, Google is working on Tez for Business, which enables businesses to collect payments using Tez and engage directly with customers and share offers.

So what are you waiting for, Sign up now using this link and get ₹51 on your first transaction and win lot more cash prizes on further transactions and please share your experience (and how much you won) in the comments below.

If you are looking for a Payment Gateway in the traditional sense, then try Instamojo (Read related articles here and here).

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9 comments on “Tez – The India Specific payments app from Google”

  1. Nivas Nagarajan Reply

    Thank you dude for the detailed explanation. I have got the clear idea about this. Keep posted your experience and latest technology.
    All the best for your 100 days blogging challenge. Really good initiative to learn as self and educate others. !!!
    Keep rocking !!! I’m waiting for next post…

  2. Dharmesh Chauhan Reply

    Thanks for the article Raghu. Curious to see how audio wave works… will try it soon.
    Best wishes for 100 day blogging challenge 👍👍

    • Raghu Chinnannan Reply

      Thanks Dharmesh… You can test the Audio wave concept without the need to perform any transaction. Just forward this link to another person who is nearby and ask them to install the app and test it, once it gets connected you can decide to perform a transaction or cancel it.

  3. Dharmesh Chauhan Reply

    Linked bank account today only made test transaction to my other UPI account. btw, I was able to add referral code before doing test transaction.. you should have received reward in your account as well.
    will check audio wave once someone using Tez app is nearby 🙂

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