Store Unlimited Photos and Videos online with Google Photos for free

With the latest developments in technology, smartphones keep getting better every day with High-quality cameras which helps us capture all the important and memorable moments almost every day and there is a downside to this as well, we keep running out of real estate (storage) in our Mobile devices and hard drives and we are forced to retain only selective memories and forced to delete other images and videos.

What if I tell you that you can store unlimited photos and videos online for free using Google photos?

We all know that Google offers 15 GB of cloud storage free for all of its apps (Gmail. google drive, google photos etc) combined. But Google allows you to upload unlimited amounts of Photos and videos, thanks for dropping data prices, you never need to worry about running out of storage space for your beloved memories.

So, How does this work?

There are 2 options in Google photos, the default option is the Original Size which lets you upload your photos and videos and the file size is counted as part of the 15 GB free storage quota. If you exceed this limit, then you need to buy additional storage.

There is one more option called High quality which lets you upload unlimited photos and videos but the catch is that they compress the files using a very high-quality proprietary compression technique which saves a lot of file size but you barely notice any difference in the image quality that it is very negligible. Photos up to 16 MP  resolution and videos up to 1080p will be stored using this technique and images and videos higher than these resolutions will be automatically scaled back to these resolutions. If you are a serious professional photographer, then it might not be suitable for you but for other normal people like us, it’s pretty awesome.

Other Amazing features

Google photos automatically organize your photos based on the time and place (geolocation) of the photo and also it analyzes your photos and videos using state of the art machine learning technologies which helps in analyzing the content of the stored content For example you can search for specific attributes like, food, dog, smiling photos, selfies, dog and also on attributes like color, say you want to find that gorgeous black dress photo you have uploaded a while back, just search black dress and you will get all the photos with black dress.

It also uses face recognition to track individuals and groups the photos of the same individual and lets you tag those individuals using their Google contacts and it let you search the images using their names as well. Apart from that, you can also create albums, collages and also you have a host of cool image editing features as well.

How to switch to Unlimited High-quality storage?

Go to (if not already signed in, please sign in with your Google account) and select the High quality (free unlimited storage) and you are good to go. Then you also have the option to select which folders to auto-sync and a host of other fine-tune controls, which you can use to play around based on your requirements. You can also recover your phone storage space once you have completed the upload.

Hope this article has helped you save a great deal of storage space, please let me know how much storage space you have saved in the comments.

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3 comments on “Store Unlimited Photos and Videos online with Google Photos for free”

  1. Dharmesh Chauhan Reply

    I will second your opinion on automatic classification (sorting) of photos, it is wonderful … For me, apart from cats and dogs, it identified (almost correctly) receipts, food, table tennis etc. (
    Have been using it for more then a year… I have separate backup account for it and I store uncompressed photos and videos.

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