Stay fit with Google Fit

Do you have a hard time maintaining your fitness and tracking your daily activities and goals?

Now you can start tracking your fitness goals and activities easily using the Google Fit App.

Googe Fit App

Create Goals & Track them

Install the Google Fit App and create your fitness goals like your target weight and current weight and also the amount of exercise you plan to get every day. For example, you can either choose like 10,000 steps a day or 1-hour activity of any sports. Google Fit will start reminding you every day and it will start tracking your activities automatically. Or else you can define the activity such as walking or running before the start of the activity and keep your phone with yourself while doing the activity, it will start tracking and log the activity.

It will start tracking a variety of parameters such as location coordinates, calories spent, pace, elevation etc and present to you beautifully. I have provided the screenshots of my early morning walk below.




For more accurate tracking, you can also start pairing them with fitness bands such as Mi Band, fit bit or any other fitness tracker band. Get Google Fit today and stay fit.

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    Keep writing and waiting for your next blog with a magic number 10,just a ‘0’ to be added for 100th day.

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