Sell products locally on Amazon without Tax registration

If you are a small business and would like to expand your sales to Amazon Marketplace but couldn’t afford to go for GST Registration as your turnover is less, then now you can sell on Amazon locally within your city without any GST / VAT Registration. However, this facility is currently limited to sellers from the following 4 cities only: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.


Recently Amazon started offering 2 plans for Selling on Amazon: Individual & Professional Plan.

The Professional plan is the normal sellers on Amazon who requires mandatory GST Registration and can sell all over India and they are required to pay various fees such as Amazon Fixed closure fee, Amazon referral fee and shipping fee and the sellers have to pack the products and label them.

In the individual plan, you need not do anything. Once you post your listing, you will get an SMS & email notification, once your product is ordered, then you have to schedule the product for pickup. The Amazon pickup person will come to your doorstep, pick up the product, packs in front of you, label them and will ship it, all without any extra charges. You just need to pay a fixed closing fee for Amazon. That too, if your product is priced less than ₹1000, then the fixed closing fee is ₹10 only.

Imagine, for ₹10 you can sell your product on Amazon and you need not spend anything on Packing and Shipping. Amazon may start to charge for Packing and Shipping in the future, but right now, it’s free.

How to get started?

Just go to this link, and click on the individual plan and complete the basic questions like Name, Address and Bank account details for depositing Money etc.

Then Start listing your products and it will take a few minutes for your product ads to be approved. Once Approved, your products will be displayed to customers and they can start ordering. It’s that simple!

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