The Power of Projects and Gamification

In this article, I’ll be writing about how to solve your problems and challenges using the Power of projects and gamification based on my personal experience.

What is this power of Projects and Gamification?

It’s a simple concept of taking a problem or a challenge in your life (either personal or professional) and converting it into an interesting project or breaking into a game with multiple stages and trying to accomplish each stage and finally winning the game.

My 100 Day Blogging challenge is one such project which helped me overcome my key problem, Procrastination, and laziness. As I have mentioned in the launch video of this challenge, I have started blogging in 2011 ( using free domains available at that time and did pretty well in the beginning and the free blogging domain closed unexpectedly and in 2012 I have registered my first professional domain but haven’t been blogging much since then and finally let the domain expire in 2015. Again in 2016, I registered this blog domain ( and haven’t written much in 18 months.

Every time I think of writing about something, I’ll feel too lazy to type or will simply think, will write tomorrow for sure and then that tomorrow never came. So since I have started this challenge I’m writing articles every day, no matter what and I’m hoping that it will become a habit upon the completion of this challenge and will start writing at least twice a week. It is not easy, there have been days when I don’t feel like writing, some days (like today) you won’t get a suitable topic, sometimes you will face internet connectivity challenges, but I have so far overcome these issues. Even If I miss a day, no one is going to ask me as I don’t have much of a fan following but still, the fear of losing the challenge (as in a game) has kept me going and I hope will continue to keep me going to the finish line.

Encouraged by this success, I’m planning a few more personal projects such as “The Thirukkural Project”, “The Fitness Project – Happy Mind and Fit Body” etc to overcome my life challenges and achieve prosperity and content in life. Hope this post helps at least one person to overcome their challenges. Please let me know in the comments about your projects which you are going to undertake.

See you all in the next post.

Raghu Chinnannan

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