Keep Track of everything with Google Keep and increase productivity

All of must be using some sort of App to take Notes on the go. But the best among them all is Google Keep.


Why is Google Keep the best?

Google Keep has a clean and simple UI with tons of useful features. You can use Google Keep to take Notes, create Checklist, Set Reminders – both time based and location-based reminders, use it as a drawing pad, create image notes, scribble on images etc.

You can color coordinate notes and reminders, label them as a group and also has the ability to share your notes with others. The best part is your notes will get synced to the cloud and it can be accessed across the web, desktop, and mobile (also available for iOS). You can use your Google account credentials to access them, there is no need to create a new account for cloud storage. You can also invite a collaborator to manage your notes.


You can also use advanced features such as Speech-to-text and Image-to-text processing using Google’s expertise. Best of all, it’s completely free.

Install Google Keep now and never miss a thing. Please let me know your experience with Google Keep in the comments below.

Raghu Chinnannan

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