Install OpenCart CMS on your website

In the previous lesson of the free e-commerce course, we have seen how to set up web hosting for your Website. In this lesson, we will see how to Install Opencart CMS on your website.

What is a CMS?

CMS is the short form of Content Management System and it’s like a Software application developed for a specific use and we use the Web Content Management System (Web CMS) called Opencart for our purpose. There are a lot of Web CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart etc and each one specializes in some specific functions. For example, WordPress is for Blogs and Websites and Opencart is for e-commerce stores. This blog runs on WordPress.

In our case, we will use the Opencart CMS for our e-commerce site. Opencart is an opensource e-commerce CMS web application with built-in e-commerce features, we simply need to install it on our website, configure it, add products and start using it.

Once installed, your site will look like this, which is the frontend for our users and we will have a backend like this to log in to the site and make the necessary changes.

How to Install Opencart CMS?

The Manual installation of Opencart will be quite difficult for beginners but if you are up to a challenge then you can refer to the documentation and Install Opencart manually on your site.

But luckily, most of the CPanel based Linux web hosting comes with automatic software installers such as Installatron, Softaculous etc which can be used to install Opencart easily.

Note: Please Install Opencart 2.2.x or lower, the latest 2.3.x version is not supported by our payment gateway yet.

Log in to your Web hosting CPanel and find the Install application/software section and select Opencart from the list of applications and select Install this application.and select the location of your website ( where you want to install, enter your admin username, password and email and click install.


Once installed, your website frontend will be located on and you can access your admin backend at and you can use the admin credentials from the previous step to login.

Please go through the Official documentation to understand Opencart better and how to add products and other stuff. Here you need to do your own research on how to do certain tasks. In the next lesson, I’ll show you how to Integrate payment gateway with Opencart.

Please let me know if you face any difficulties during Opencart Installation in the comments below and I’ll try to clarify your doubts.

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