Get a High performance full SSD Free VPS Server from Digital Ocean

If you are looking for a high-performance free VPS Server without any ads to test your application, host a website or evaluate VPS servers for your production environment, then you have come to the right place. For the uninitiated, let’s introduce VPS.

What is VPS?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) are virtual computers that are hosted on a physical server in the cloud, which can be accessed via the Internet. These servers have their own operating system, own server resources and functions like a normal server except that multiple VPS can reside in a Single Physical server but they will have their dedicated Storage and RAM.

What are the uses of VPS?

You can use it to Host websites, store files online, use as a database server/file server, or even use it as your personal computer etc

How to identify good VPS server?

A good VPS server should have a High-quality hardware, uninterrupted Power and Internet connectivity, bandwidth and most of all support staff and resources.

Digital Ocean is one such good VPS hosting company and they call their VPS as Droplets and their lowest droplets pricing starts from $5 per month. All of their hosting servers are SSD servers and they have a redundant 40Gbps uninterrupted connectivity and they have their servers hosted in almost all the major cities in the world and the best part is you get to use those servers free of charge. One more thing I love about them is, it’s pay as you go, you can pay per minute, you can just order a server and use it for a day and cancel it, you just need to pay for only1-day usage and not the entire month

So, How to get this high performance free vps server?

Signup for a Digital Ocean account using this special link. You will  immediately get free $10 credit to your account. You can use this credit to order a free VPS server ($5 basic droplet) for a full 2 months.  Or you can create a server, experiment with them and cancel them and use the credit to pay only for the time you have used. You must use the special link to get your free credit.

They also have a lot of free tutorials on using the VPS server which you can use to learn or google the answer to your specific issue. Thousands of developers are using Digital ocean and you get to experience this amazing virtual infrastructure free of cost.

Please share your experience of using the free vps in the comments section.

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  1. Nivas Nagarajan Reply

    Thanks for the article dude… I have a doubt suppose I’m using this VPS server for 2 months till the free usage period after that I want to retrieve my files, will it allow me to access my files or should I renew the server to get back my files?

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