Get a free credit line approved and use it as a Credit card / loan without extra charges

If you need to create a Credit line for your emergency needs and also need a credit card but you don’t want to withdraw cash from the Credit card and avoid paying extra cash charges, then this article is for you.

Moneytap is a Bangalore based startup which provides Credit lines up to 5 Lakhs to individuals which can be used both as a Traditional credit card and also as cash loans with nominal interest and without any other extra charges.

The whole KYC process and credit approval are done online via their app and once your credit line is approved, you can instantly transfer cash to your bank account and convert it as EMI. There are no charges for issuing your credit line, you will be charged a 1-time fee only when you start using the Credit line. You will also get ₹500 worth Amazon Gift Voucher once your credit line has been issued. You have to use our special link to get the free Voucher.

How to Get your Credit Line?

Download the MoneyTap App

Complete the KYC Process as required in the App.

Once pre-approved, then your application will be verified and your Credit line will be issued. Then you will get your free Amazon Gift Voucher. Now go ahead and spend your Credit line and Amazon gift vouchers on Amazon and buy yourselves some Festival gifts.

Please share your experience using the MoneyTap App in the comments section and share this article with your friends, who are in need of a Credit Line.

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6 comments on “Get a free credit line approved and use it as a Credit card / loan without extra charges”

  1. Dharmesh Chauhan Reply

    Sounds interesting…
    you have got credit line for yourself or you know someone who got it?

  2. Nivas Nagarajan Reply

    Good one!! This will definitely help someone who is in need of money…
    Thanks for the article…!!!

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