A Game of Chess to Keep your brain fresh

Do you know playing chess increases your creativity, awareness, and problem-solving skills?

The earlier a person starts playing chess in his/her life, higher the brain functions. So, It is recommended to teach children to play chess at the earliest. We need not enroll them in a professional chess coaching class and make them a grandmaster, just teaching them how to play and encourage them to play regularly will make wonders.

I’ve experienced this first hand and I personally feel chess is one of the major contributing factors in my above average intelligence. That’s why today I have gifted a Chess set to my close friend’s nephew who turned 5 today.

Actually, I learned Chess by coincidence. During my 6th standard, we went on a school excursion and I bought the famous Snakes and Ladders game for 15 Rupees, and the chess board was attached to the back with the pieces. But, I didn’t know how to play the game and nobody in my family or village knew. Somehow I learned it after 6 months and started practicing later regularly with my History teacher and seniors and started playing well. That’s why I recommend giving them to children even if they don’t know how to play, they will start learning but if we don’t introduce chess to them, then it will be a missed chance.

Even Adults should practice regularly if not daily to keep their brain active and stay ahead of the rest. It’s been many years since I have played chess regularly (though had a chance to play a couple games a few months back) and wish to play with humans personally rather than playing with/through computers.

Anybody up for a game of chess near Marathahalli Bridge, Bangalore?

Raghu Chinnannan

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