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I have been into Internet/e-commerce/online payments for the last 5-7 years and I have been working in the online e-commerce industry full-time for almost 3 years now after resigning from my corporate job. I have worked on my own as well as client e-commerce projects and that constitute my experience and I have learned all these things from my own research in the past 7 years and I must admit, it took a lot of time learning all these things and a still a lot to learn.

So, I have decided to start a Free Online Course on E-commerce to help students, Small business owners and a lot of other people to learn about E-commerce industry, different categories, steps involved in creating an E-commerce business, marketing it etc. This course is based on my experience and learning so far and will also continue to post my future learning as well.

What is the Course content?

The below list is not exhaustive, it’s just a rough idea of what you can expect in the course and is subjected to change over time depending on your questions, doubts and also depends on my understanding and future learning.

Introduction to e-commerce

Types of e-commerce businesses

Business and Tax Registration required and How to do them?

Selling Products on e-commerce marketplaces (like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc)

Creating your digital presence

Building your own e-commerce store

Creating Your Own Brand

Registering a Domain Name

Registering with CloudFlare

Setting up Website Hosting

Installing SSL certificates

Installing OpenCart e-commerce CMS on your website

Configuring your website

Adding Google Analytics to your website

Adding Products to your website

Payment Gateway Sign up & Integration

Creating business email (eg.,

Shipping your products

Marketing your business – Types of Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads etc)

Google AdWords

Email Marketing

Setting up customer support etc

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enroll in this course?

This course is free and open to all and all my website subscribers will get the course content delivered straight to your inbox. If you haven’t already subscribed to this blog, please subscribe using the below form.

What are the charges involved?

This course is completely free but however, you might need to spend money building your own website as explained in the course content. We are aware that most of our course subscribers will be Students and Small business owners hence we try to recommend the products and services which are either free or low cost to run your e-commerce business. Once your business starts to grow, then you can go for the Premium paid products which will develop your business further.

Can you build an e-commerce store for us?

We try to keep the course simple so that everyone can understand and build their own sites DIY style but we can’t explain all the minute technical topics in detail, so you are expected to do your own research on the Internet to complete those tasks. If you think, you can’t handle it and want us to build an e-commerce store for you, then we do this through our company Paravali Technologies and we will charge you for it. For more details, drop me a email with your requirements to

If you haven’t already subscribed to the blog, then go ahead and subscribe now using the below form and please share your expectations from this course in the comments section below.

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