I built an Attic for Chickens to lay eggs

I have built an attic for chickens to lay eggs in our Paravali farms during my last trip home. Now I can see, hens are using it to lay eggs on the designated containers.

Generally, chickens (Hens) prefer places which are higher and safer from predators to lay eggs but often times they lay eggs on top of improper structures resulting the egg falling on the ground and you know what happens to the egg thereafter (guess someone needs to teach the chickens about gravity, lol!). So in our farm, inside a hut, they have placed coconut leaves (or branches) in some sort of structure but it didn’t help as it was poorly constructed.

So, I decided to build a proper attic using sticks and cardboard boxes available at that time and I’ll take you through that journey.

damaged chicken attic

Previously built, makeshift damaged attic


I have cleared the old structure and using the poles and sticks available on the farm, I have built a frame for the attic using a twine to tie the sticks to the cross poles as shown in the below pictures.


Chicken Attic Frame using Sticks and poles

Side View of frames for chicken attic

Side View of frames for chicken attic

Then I placed a cardboard from an old packaging box and stitched it to the frame as shown below.

Cardboard stitched to the frame

Cardboard stitched to the frame


Bottom view of the attic

Top View of the chicken attic

Top View of the chicken attic

Then we placed containers filled with some straw (paddy hay) and sand on top of the attic, Hens started to use the containers to lay eggs and subsequently incubate the eggs on the containers as shown below.

Egg containers on top of the attic while a hen is laying

Egg containers on top of the attic while a hen is laying

One More pic…

Containers with eggs on top of the chicken attic

Containers with eggs

I love raising chickens and my dream is to create a sustainable integrated organic farm in our 11-acre farmland and I have created a facebook page for Paravali farms, where I will share photos, news, and articles from our farm, please like the page to get regular updates.

Have you built something like this? if so, I would love to know about it and let me know about it in comments below.

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Raghu Chinnannan

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