5 steps to create your own free online store without coding

Learn how to create your own free online store without any coding in under thirty minutes in 5 easy steps and also get Rs.500 in your bank account after completing your first sale.

5 steps to create own free online store without coding

We will show you an example with a hobby business called Prighu – Art crafts & Jewellery

Create a Facebook page for your business

First create a Facebook page for your business (if you haven’t done already) and post about your business and related images. This is required because we are going to sign up with a free payment gateway called Instamojo and they will require an online presence as proof. If you already have a website then you can use that as online business proof, but please go ahead with creating a Facebook page, it’s a great way to connect with your customers and advertise your business. We recommend to create the Facebook page name same as your online store. Example Facebook page: Prighu (Please do like this page)

Create an Instamojo account – Sign up here

Sign up for an Instamojo account from this link, enter your email ID and select a password, verify your mobile number, select a username (please select a username that best represent your business, example Prighu), Enter PAN Details (of the business, if it’s a proprietorship business enter the Owners PAN details) and the bank account details where you want to collect your sales money and complete the signup and you will be taken to your dashboard. Please make sure the online store username and Facebook page name are same in order for people to recognize your brand.

Note: Make sure, you create the account using the links provided here, otherwise you won’t get Rs.500 after your first sale, because it’s a referral. (Yes, I’ll also get Rs.500 once you make your first sale, win-win right?)

Upload documentation

In the dashboard you will find an Account limits section as shown below and click on the Remove limits button. You will get a couple of dialog boxes and once you cross them, you will find the remove limits page as show below. In that page, select your business type, business category and sub category (if your exact category is not available, select the nearest one available), then for the last column, select “Yes, here is the link” radio button and enter your website or the Facebook page URL / address that we have created from the first step and click on Upload your documents and upload the requested documents like PAN Card and bank statement and Submit them for review. Enable Store, Cart and Shipping charges Select Settings under username in the upper right corner as shown below.

Settings under profile username

And select Store settings as shown below and enable Store and Cart. You can also enable shipping charges and customize them as needed.

Store settings

Now your store is ready and you can visit your store at www.instamojo.com/your-username and in this example it is https://www.instamojo.com/prighu/ and now also you can also ask people to send payments to you directly by visiting this url www.instamojo.com/@your-username and for this example it is https://www.instamojo.com/@prighu/

Add Products & Customize store

You can add products from the Store page or on the Add product button and provide the product details and add the product and also you can select the type of the product such as Digital product, physical product, services, events etc. If it is a digital product, they will host it for you. Now you can customize your page with a cover photo, profile photo description and all that basic stuff just like updating your Facebook account. Note: Instamojo charges a small percentage per sale and other than that they won’t charge you for anything. Please refer the Pricing page to know the details, basically its 2% + Rs.3 per sale for all products but for digital products its 5% + Rs.3 per product since they host it for you.

Creating a professional website address for this store (Optional)

You can start using your store by completing the above steps but if you want to make it look professional with a professional domain name, register a domain name with any one of the domain registrars (Paravali Web, GoDaddy, Crazydomains, hosting24) and forward it to the store url, if you don’t know how to do that, please follow the below steps.

Go to this website: web.paravali.com Search website names for your business and register the one which is available and matches your website (You have to pay for this) and complete your account creation process. Go to your My account page, select domains and click on Manage button on the respective domain name and on the bottom of the page there will be a forwarding box and click add on the first column. Select https:// and add your page url obtained in step 2 (example: www.instamojo.com/prighu), and forward type as Permanent, and Setting as Forward only, and also make sure to select the checkbox “Update my nameservers and DNS settings to support this change.” and click on the Save button. Once it is saved, you can use the website domain name instead of the URL from step 2 (example: www.prighu.in) and you have your own online store.

Happy Online Sales from your own online store!

If you are facing any difficulties, please let me know in the comments section and also please share this article with those to whom it might help and also share your thoughts in the comments section

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    simple and useful..thank you
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    Clean and clear.Article to be read by beginners as well as people who want to earn.

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    Can I use this payment gateway for UK based website where the monetisation is in pounds?

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